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JOYCE BILLET (b. Paris, France) is a French-American artist living and working in Miami, FL. Her background in architecture has encouraged her to play with material and textures in an effort to mix the sensations of painting and sculpture. By questioning material, process, and purpose, Billet's work presents a dialogue between the analog and the digital via themes surrounding nature, absence, and materiality. Drawing from organic entities, her process begins by capturing textures through photography and abstract paintings. Source materials are later translated to computer-generated formats which enables her to machine-cut and etch the work onto wood surfaces.

Central to Billet's practice is a desire to foster conversations about how humanity can coexist with nature while embracing technology. Adhering to a strong craft tradition, she employs plywood as her main material and challenges the evolutionary trajectory it has undergone in the process. Embodying each piece with value and meaning, the highly industrialized plywood, once stripped of identity and connection to nature, is repurposed in a second life. Its disposition to be etched, cut, and malleable while remaining organic ties Billet's practice back to nature from beginning to end.

Joyce Billet graduated with a Bachelor's in Architecture from Pratt Institute in 2008, and later Master of Science degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in 2010. She has worked at firms such as Norman Foster in London, UK and Studio Daniel Libeskind, New York. Billet was the Director of Store Design at CHANEL from 2013 - 2018 before committing to her artistic practice full-time.
Since then, she has worked with curators such as Karen Grimson (Curator of the Craig Robins Collection and Director of Cultural Programming at DARCA), Laura Novoa (Curatorial + Public Programs Manager at the Bakehouse Art Complex), Omar Lopez Chahoud (Artistic Director of Untitled Art Fair), Grela Orihuela (VP of Design Miami), Kathryn Gremley (Director of the Penland Gallery, NC) Nic Brierre Aziz (New Orleans Museum of Art), Margaret Carrigan (The Art Newspaper), and Heather Darcy Bandhari (Director of Exhibitions at Smack Mellon and co-Author of ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art.

Her work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions. She recently completed a residency on the Miami Design District, accompanied by her first solo exhibition. Billet's work can be found in both private and corporate collections within the United States and Europe.

Billet was invited as a Special Project two years in a row at Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach, 2021 and 2022. Other invitations include participation in a lecture at FIU College of Communication, Architecture and the Arts (Four Artists + Designer Participating in this year's Miami Art Week, 2022) as well as an independent lecture on Creative Use of Digital Tools at The Columbia University School of Engineering in 2020. Grants and awards presented to Billet include Art in Public Places (Awarded) from the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs (2023), Miami-Dade Individual Artists Grant Program (2023), support from Villa Albertine for the Untitled Art Fair 2022 Installation, and an artist residency accompanied by a solo exhibition in the Miami Design District (2024).



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